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What is Managed Dedicated Hosting?

All of 9Hazel's clients are hosted on their own 'dedicated' server. This means that the entire box is
setup and maintained exclusively for You. This means that you will have exclusive use of the
cpu, disk and processing capability of the machine. As a dedicated server you can handle more traffic,
have custom applications and configurations used and generally have full control of how the box operates.

We implement what is known as 'Managed' Dedicated hosting - This means that we will work with you and your
staff to make sure the system does what you need it to without your ever having to log on or understand any
of the setup and configuration of the machine. We 'Manage' the host for you. If your staff is technical
or you are so inclined root level access is available to you.

Each Managed Dedicated Server should be sufficient for a company with up to 50 employees and
can support high volume web site traffic. At a minimum the server can provide your website presence
and email for you and your staff but the actual setup and applications available are unlimited.

All of the capabilities you need, none of the headaches - That's Managed Dedicated Hosting.

Note: we are located in the Orlando metro area of Florida and prefer to only accept clients in
the central florida area to ensure we are able to provide personal service.